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Rosebud Special Edition

 Irwin Guitars is excited to announce the first-ever Irwin Certified "Rosebud" guitar series!

This very limited run of instruments will be built in collaboration with Leo Elliott of @scarletfireguitars. Doug has been interested in the Cards of Destiny for many years.


This series is a representation of the Cards of Life, a system by which Doug uses to make sense of the chaotic world.

We chose the Diamond suit to start with because Jerry’s birth card is the Queen of Diamonds.

The “Diamond” series will consist of 12 instruments, each identified by the unique playing card inlaid on the back of the headstock. Each guitar will be adorned with a cocobolo diamond inlaid above the playing card. That diamond will be cut from the piece of wood used in the original Rosebud that Doug built for Jerry Garcia. The necks will built by Master Luthier Doug Irwin.

Each guitar will come with a certificate of authenticity

signed by Doug Irwin and a SKB Flight case. Other custom extras will be available.

Private message us here or at Scarletfire Guitars for details on how to reserve your very own Irwin Certified Rosebud.

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