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Garcia's Rosebud

     The #irwincertified Rosebud's construction specs are very similar to the Tiger model, though certain characteristics, like top and back carving, length of the bass horn, and the radius of the lower bout, are different.


The Body is constructed with a curly maple core with vermilion and maple accent veneers. The top is carved from, hand selected, very straight-grained cocobolo**. The Rosebud oval is made of Gabon ebony, inlaid with a skeleton made of synthetic ivory. The Rosie", on the oval, is holding a red recon stone rose with a brass stem, in the other hand she holds an abalone Ankh on a chain.  Her flowing hair is inlaid sterling silver.  The control cavity cover is cut from the same piece of wood as the back of the guitar, and it is bound in alternating veneers of holly and vermilion.

** Cocobolo lumber has been restricted from importation since 2017. There is only a limited amount of BD. feet left in the U.S., as a result I am making Rosebud with alternate top woods such as


Curly Claro Walnut,


Or Pomelle Sapele.

If you still want the Quarter sawn Cocobolo there is a $ 1500 upcharge.


All Rosebud guitars come standard, with a custom Scarlet Fire, Asymmetrical neck carve, with a 1.687 nut. Custom neck Profiles are available for an upcharge.The 16″ radius, ebony fretboard is not Jet black like Tiger, it has a characteristic figure with brown inlclusions,like the original. Rosebud comes standard with .105 x .045 fret wire on the fingerboard. The J Garcia comes standard on the 24th fret inlay. (you can also personalize the 24th fret, with a 7 character limit).The front of the headstock is overlaid with Gabon ebony and is offset with brass. The #irwincertified Rosebud comes standard with Irwin eagle inlay at the top. (Scarlet Fire Logo is also available no uo charge). The rear of the headstock is overlaid with six pieces of alternating padauk and curly maple.


At Scarlet Fire, we use Kluson brand harmonica bridges. This bridge is a huge step forward in construction, compared to the original Schaller, each bridge is milled from a brass billet. The saddles are also brass for the ultimate in tone.  The #irwincertified Rosebud comes standard with gold Graph tech Ratio locking tuners, but I can use Schaller’s M6 non or locking tuners, for the price difference.


Rosebud comes standard with three DiMarzio super 2 humbuckers. All the internal electronic components are of the highest available quality and meet or exceed military specs.

The guitar comes also has an onboard effects loop and a buffer circuit made by Wald electronics.

Roland G-3 MIDI is available for $800 upcharge.

Call today and secure your Build slot!

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